825S22 SR™ Full Surface Continuous Gear Hinge

825S22 SR™ Full Surface Continuous Gear Hinge
825S22 SR™ Full Surface Continuous Gear Hinge
825S22 SR™ Full Surface Continuous Gear Hinge

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• Suicide Resistant (SR) Product designed to reduce the ligature risk associated with
conventional hinges

• Behavioral Healthcare Environments
• Correctional Environments
• Entryways to Patient Rooms & Washrooms
• Entryways to Corridors, Lounges & Activity Areas

Features & Benefits:
• Continuous design reduces risk of looping through gaps between hinges
• Sloping hospital tip at the top of hinge further reduces ligature risk

Technical Data:
• 6063-T6 Aluminum alloy construction

• Clear, dark bronze and black anodized finishes available
• Full surface mounting simplifies retrofit applications, typically eliminating the need
to cut down the door width

• Two versions are available based on the mounting application:
a) No inset, non-handed, with equally wide leafs
b) 1/16" inset, handed, with a narrower leaf on the frame side (beneficial when
the door frame is very close to an adjacent wall)
Note that handing describes the side that the hinge is to be located when viewing
the exterior surface of the door
• Various standard lengths as well as custom lengths available
• Sloping hospital tip is standard
• Torx security machine screws are supplied as standard
• Meets ANSI/BHMA A156.1 for continuous hinges
• Meets ADA barrier free requirement ICC/ANSI A117.1-2009 and ADAAG-2010

• Hinges are rated for a maximum door width of 48" and door weight of 450 lbs as
standard - for a weight rating of up to 1000 lbs, choose the "Lead Lined" option

• Fire rating of 90 minutes for metal doors and 60 minutes for wood doors is
standard, an extended fire rating of 180 minutes for metal doors and 90 minutes
for wood doors is available as an option.

Ordering & Specifying Example:
825S22-A9C-HD-79-B: 6063 T6 Anodized Aluminum Clear, Dppr Weight Maximum 450 pounds, 79 L (in), Bi-fold Applicaton 1/16 (in) Inset