SR Vault Series

Weizel Security is proud to present the new Vault Series, a line of products that are suicide resistant and also designed to address infectious control while offering eye pleasing aesthetics. The vault series features unique contours along the interface between the frame, the cover, and the continuous hinge which will greatly reduce risk of ligature, whether deliberately or unwittingly. The first product of this series, the SR400 Vault Paper Towel Dispenser is now in full production. The next product in this series, the SR420 Vault Toilet Paper Dispenser is scheduled to enter production in Mid-May 2023. .

These products are designed with safety in mind to reduce the risk of self-harm or harm to other residents or staff whether it be it intentional due to behavioral disorders or unintentional due to cognitive issues. Products that we have identified as being particularly relevant for the residential care environment have been identified with the following icon on the product page.